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super delta three - eve SUB rebel

super delta three play left of centre melodic techno-pop music. They have previously garnered comparisons to bands like Curve and Leftfield, but while they are definitely somewhat of an influence, they are not completely accurate. sd3 have a much lighter touch than the oft-oppressive sounds of the afore-mentioned or any of the Bristol trip-hoppers. However, it's singer Victoria's hair that points in the direction of probably the clearest influence - Moloko. Throw in a few elements of other pop misfits - Whale, Dee-Lite, St. Etienne or One Dove, and you're somewhere close, but not quite there.

The reason is, though sd3 do display these notable influences on their sleeves, they're so mixed up and messed about that it gives them a unique feel and a fresh sound. As a result, while this selection isn't particularly original, it is appealing and does have the potential for developing into a force in the ever more unpredictable world of pop music.

Donnacha DeLong

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