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Various Artists - Pixies Fuckin' Die! (a tribute) (LifeLike Records)

This wasn't the first Pixies tribute album to come out in 1999, although it may have been the absolute last. However, I would rate it as the best Pixies tribute I've heard. The problem with a lot of tribute albums is that the contributing performers concentrate way too much on getting the original band's notation down while almost completely neglecting the energy/feel of the songs. In fact, the one major-label Pixies tribute that came out '99 ended up sounding like a bunch of flat versions of the original songs, and made me go back to "Surfer Rosa"/"Come on Pilgrim" to see if those records were actually as wonderful as I remembered them being.

So saying, most of the tracks on Lifelike Records' "Pixies Fuckin' Die" sound nothing the originals, yet still retain all the wonderfulness that made these songs classics in the first place. An April March contributes an atypically hard-rockin' version of 'Alec Eiffel', while Moth Wranglers and Jarboe's versions of 'No 13 Baby' and 'Tame' are beautiful and just a teensy bit really scary. Twelve24's version of 'Velouria' is worth the price of the disc alone. Other contributors to this disc include J Stroke, Bethany Curve, Underwater and Garageland.

Holly Day

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