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Spock - 2001: A S.P.O.C.K. Odyssey (Bloodline)

Does anybody remember that cartoon that was out a few years ago when we were kids, Ulysses? The one where everybody was blue and the main guy was floating around in space looking for something or other? Well, Spock sure do, because their album sounds like the soundtrack to Ulysses, and if it wasn't then it should have been.

Coming across as something like the Pet Shop Boys being played through a hoover, Spock have lost all touch with music in the present age and along with that their sanity as well. The singing is straight out of the 80s and the fact that it's backed by out of control blips, squeeks and rocket noises makes it totally unlistenable. How they hope to find a market for this utter shite is beyond me.

If they claim to be the future of music then shoot me now and spare me having to listen to this clog up the charts, because it's a lot worse then what's out there already.

Ken McGrath

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