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David Gogo - Change of pace (Cordova bay/Ragged pup)

Good old classic American rock. The type of thing that makes you wish you were cruisin' down the highway with the top down. All blues-based riffs, four-four time signatures and widdly guitar solos. I remember it well.

Where did it go? How long has it been since you heard a good rock song on the radio, and I mean something that had a solo in it, not a DJ?

Too fucking long!

This is where David Gogo comes in with his Joe Perry/Slash stylings. Lightly distorted guitars wail over straight-forward drumming and walking bass lines, while complex little blues riffs dance in and out of the mix. And his voice ain't bad either. Slightly raw as he sings about being 'Sad and lonely' or his only friend 'Mr Slow' it is the sound of whiskey and cigarettes. It's easy to imagine him on tour with Aerosmith and Bon Jovi as his sound falls somewhere in between the two. There are solos and they suit the songs yet don't overwhelm them and take away form the overall effect.

If you can remember Guns n' Roses asking you to take them down to 'Paradise City' then you will probably enjoy this. If not then buy it for your father because he will.

Ken McGrath

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