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The New Duncan Imperials - Sticky (Pravda Records)

The New Duncan Imperials newest mega-album, "Sticky", carries on the NDI imperative of reporting on all aspects of Jerry Springer culture. From the fast-paced 'Funny Daddy Sleeping on Mommy' to the touching 'Donna Summer Song', these songs are just plain cool/weird, rife with punk rock guitar riffs and rapid-fire percission. The frequent references to sex and violence in these songs have an almost Monty Python quality-garish, hilarious, and totally unbelievable. While I'm not sure what Tipper & Co. would do with this if it actually crossed their collective desk, lyrically, this is everything the PMRC has been ranting about since its inception. A couple of winners on this are 'Lazy Eye and Hammertoe', an acoustic ballad about two detectives, and 'Chopsticks 2000', which is basically just 'Chopsticks' on an electric guitar.

Holly Day

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