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Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell: Radioaxiom - A Dub Transmission (Axiom)

In general, the idea of an album by two bassists would not inspire much enthusiasm, to say the least. But, the fact that Mr Jah Wobble, most recently of industrial noise-niks Damage Manual (and possibly the funniest "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" intros round ever), is involved puts a wholly different perspective on things. Always one to produce imaginative and unpredictable music, Mr Wobble's name guarantees at least a listen or two.

Or three, four, five or six in the first week as it happened. The bass-driven dub workouts contained here are about the coolest and funkiest around. Mainly instrumental, apart from a few samples of East African vocals on 'Alsema dub' and 'Alsam dub', these are wonderfully constructed soundscapes.

From the dull throb of the bass to the soaring peaks of the trumpet, organ or guitars and the sharp punctuation of the percussion, the music flows over you, relaxing and delighting, bringing you to a place where the only appropriate motion in a slight nodding of the head or tapping of the fingers. Stick this on and chill out, man! Recommended.

Donnacha DeLong

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