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The Go-Gos - God bless the Go-Gos (Beyond/Go-Gos)

With more hooks on display here than at an International Fisherman Convention, the Go-Gos have certainly made sure their united return to music is going to be noted by the record buying public in general. "God bless..." is full of catchy, three-minuteish bursts of emotion.

This is the girl group of the next generation, even if they are from a previous generation. They can sing, they don't need to dance and they can sure play their instruments. Picture any sing-along chorus by The Offspring pumped up with a case of gigantism and add a whole barrel load of inventive and melodic backing vocals.

Songs like 'Automatic rainy day' are the perfect anti-love songs, but still have that I'm-better-than-you attitude, which makes them kick along instead of falling flat. Three-minute anthems for the broken hearted generation. The Go-Gos are go, go, go.

Ken McGrath

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