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Joe Walsh - Inner-mind Landslide

Joe Walsh is another in a long line of singer/songwriters to be selling his wares around the capital at the moment. It is hard not to get confused with so many sound-a-likes in what could quickly become a very saturated market from which only the strong survive. Mr Walsh, however, does have a secret weapon that, judging by the talent on show here, won't be a secret for too much longer.

The man has been blessed with a unique and passionate voice. The thing about it is not only does it work on tape but in the live setting as well. He has been gaining quite a reputation around Dublin as of late with his solo acoustic sets, which as soon as he manages to get the right group of musicians around him should turn into stunning electric sets. This is his first EP and is available only to buy from him at his shows. Well, at the moment anyway; give the record labels a few months to cop on and I'm sure it'll find its way into the shops.

Recorded with full band accompaniment this is songwriting of the highest order. Opening with the beautiful title track this promises to be something very special. Mixing elements of an acoustic Radiohead and the Stereophonics it all blends perfectly with his voice. 'Inner-mind Landslide' is an emotional and moving masterpiece. Followed by 'The Sometimes Life' and 'Foreign Feet' this three-track EP brings the listener on an aural journey through the highlights, and lowlights, of life.

e-mail: for details about how to purchase the EP

Ken McGrath

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