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Things in herds - I can dancing and walking (G-Folk)

Things in herds like animals. Their website is adorned with pictures of levitating horses and moon crabs, while the artwork on the album has pictures of quite charming looking pigs admiring the Great Wall of China. Babe on tour, if you will. What does this have to do with the music you may well be asking. Well, to tell you the truth, nothing. On that note I suppose I should really get down to the job at hand and pop the CD in the machine, push that button and see what happens.

Minutes pass and a few tracks later I have come to the conclusion that Things in herds not only like animals but most likely The Verve and The Frames (their lighter moments anyway) as well. Not bad, but just not overly original. Nice songs. Nice melodies. Soft almost spoken vocals courtesy of founder Pete Lush over light, airy acoustic guitars. Good, but nothing special.

'Come in' provides a break from the norm, but the general mood on the album remains melancholic. Definitely not the sort of album you'd put on to lift the atmosphere in a room. More like an "I just broke up with my girlfriend and need something to cry along to" album, especially track seven, 'New Ending'; very, very sombre.

You may find yourself humming along to some of the tracks, but only because the tunes are familiar sounding (most likely having been lifted from somewhere else). Please guys, next time give us a little more variation. Not every song should make you want to burst into tears.

Ken McGrath

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