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Doves - The last broadcast (Heavenly)

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Williams, Goodwin & Williams were somebody to contact when you need legal advice but, in fact, they are the multi-talented trio behind Manchester band, Doves. Their critically acclaimed (and rightly so) debut album "Lost Souls" mused about the comedown following the demise of the Hacienda and the whole "Madchester"-era of denim dungarees, Kicker boots and floppy hair. Their awe-inspiring, anthemic follow up album "The Last Broadcast" is one that, quite simply, takes things to the next level.

From the outset there appears to be a new confidence to their music. Spiralling guitars, pounding drums and strong, melodic vocals combine to create a sound that's new, but that we've all heard and loved before. It's almost like "fantasy" music where you can pick the best bits from your favourite New Order, U2, Stone Roses and (early!) Oasis albums and make something bigger and better than their collective sum.

The near-7-minutes of 'There goes the fear', like all good things, feels like it's over before its time, while "N.Y" takes us on a musical roller-coaster of psychedelic rock. The haunting "M62 Song" and gospel-tinged "Satellites" provide a welcome respite before the fast-paced guitars and thumping drums on the inevitable future single, "Pounding", bring us back up again in style.

Every other track seems to have one of those little guitar riffs that instantly gets under your skin, most of which will undoubtedly be heard again accompanying football coverage, somewhere or other, on our TV screens shortly. It really is, as the age-old cliché suggests, all killer, no filler!

Tony Mooney

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