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Weezer - Maladroit (Geffen)

New album from Weezer, hot on the heels of last year's disappointing "Green" album, and I must admit, as much as I run out and get these new releases, I'll be more hesitant in the future. This was hyped as THE best Weezer record since their groundbreaking debut back in 1994 (or their astonishing second album, 96's "Pinkerton", whichever way you happen to turn), but fails to meet the mark miserably.

It starts off well enough with 'American gigolo', a feisty, ballsy Weezer so lacking on the "Green" record. It leads superbly into the boppy 'Dope nose', and then into the second best track on offer here, 'Keep fishin'. When main man/manager/song-writer/vocalist/guitarist Rivers Cuomo sings 'Oh girl when I'm in love with you/keep fishin' if you feel its true/there's nothing much that we can do/to save you from yourself', your heart will soar.

But from there it all goes pear-shaped, I'm afraid. Whether it's the sombre 'Death and destruction', the totally un-Weezer song 'Slob', or just plain shite like the whole middle section of the album - 'Burndt jamb', 'Space rock', 'Slave' and 'Fall together' respectively, it is enough to make a fan curl his lip in disgust, honestly.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though; it picks up with the blistering 'Possibilities', and whether it's a bonus track on my copy or not, I have no idea, but 'Living without you' is perhaps the best song Weezer have written in a long, long time. But it's too little, too late. There are some great songs on this album, but you have to sieve through the crap to find them. It won't stop "Maladroit" selling by the bucket load, however, but fuck it, buy The Queers instead.

Ken Blackmore

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