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Curve - New Adventures of Curve (Fatlip) Buy from MNS

Hot on the heels of last year's "Gift" comes Curve's fifth proper album on their own label, with a slightly misleading title. While the first track, 'Answers' heads off in a new direction for Curve, a mix of dance music and indie rock that has more in common with the futurepop scene than their past, 'Till the cows come home' is on more familiar ground. This isn't a criticism, Curve have an sound that is all their own, much copied, but never equalled, and new adventures that took them too far away from this wouldn't be all that welcome.

Most of the album is a delightful romp through this sound, admittedly with a slightly stronger electronic influence - Toni's sharp, sexy and somewhat detached vocals over crisp beats and distorted guitars. Some are upbeat, like stomping Deepsky remix of 'Cold comfort', while others, like 'Every good girl', are moodier, with vocals smooth and seductive enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. There's a tasty bit of electro bleeping 'Signals and alibis' to vary the sound a bit, but the big surprise is the closing track, 'Joy', with Dean on vocals (I presume, no guest listed) for a straight-forward indie guitar track in the Sonic Youth mould.

One of the joys of this CD is the absolutely perfect production. Curve did go for a more muggy sound in the past, but here it is absolutely crystal clear and every element is perfectly placed. This is another great CD from one of the most overlooked bands in the UK, a band that continues to get better and better, alas without recapturing the attention they garnered in the 90s.

Donnacha DeLong

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