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Hunnilingus - Good songs come to those who wait

The opening chords did not fill me with much expectation for the rest of this 4-track EP. Sounding like the start of Travis's 'All I wanna do is rock' the rest of the CD did not bode well. And then the vocals came in and it started to sound reasonable. When the chorus erupted, it began to sound pretty damn good actually. I suspect they recorded this EP on a low budget, but clearly a lot of care was taken to get the best for their money. You can hear little touches that must have taken a lot of time and patience to commit perfectly to tape.

The first song, 'She's close', is by far the best. Sounding a bit like Pavement or even Granddaddy, it really shows the musical talent and, above all, the potential of this band. However, in all honesty, the other three tracks are nothing special. The songs are all well structured, well recorded and quite pleasant. Just nothing really stands out like the first track. 'Another one' drifts on far too long and it takes a lot of effort to remain interested.

The final song 'Slide', is a bit more arousing. A repetitive acoustic guitar riff, a fast drumbeat and haunting, almost Billy Corgan style vocals, mould together to form a curious tune, but, once again, it does tend to lose its appeal after two minutes. This is decent EP containing one brilliant song and three average tunes. Hunnilingus are definitely a band with a lot of potential and with time and work they could go on to greater things.

Phone: +44 0773 6877749

Graham Smith

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