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Tipperary boys Within are purveyors of the same line of hardcore/metalcore as Stampin' Ground. Powerful chunky riffs, grunted, emotive vocals, slabs of concrete heavy drums and throbbing bass lines. Believe me, it's good to hear. While so many other "new" or "nu" bands take the easy option and follow the leader's blueprint for what's popular, it's refreshing to hear a band like Within take a more original and aggressive approach.

This seven-track demo shows a band that, while still in its infancy, could yet grow into a formidable machine. One thing is for certain; it's not easy to pick holes in. Opener 'My mind' is a kicker and a good choice as it's their strongest song, setting a standard for what's coming. Oh yeah, and it's got a guitar solo. Told you they were different.

On 'Belief', they show they are more than a one trick pony. It sways off on tangents, introducing slow passages and musical variations. In fact it shows something of an Earthtone 9 influence. The muted guitar interplay in the verse of 'Something said' sucks you right in, but the poor production holds it back from delivering that ultimate killer chorus. The guitars aren't given enough of a push. That said, the bass rumble in the chorus is almost enough to make up for it. I'd like to see it played live.

I'd say, with a little more time to refine their song-writing and a beefed up production, they could make a big impact on the underground scene. Even as it is they're not holding anything back. Track five, 'Enemy' with its Machinehead circa "... the more things change"-influenced intro shows they're not afraid to throw things together to see what works and more often than not it does. As it is tracks like 'My mind' and 'Claustrophobic' are loaded with enough killer riffs to cause quite a stir. At this stage they can only get better.

Phone: +353 87 7718 454

Ken McGrath

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