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Home Grown - Kings of pop (Drive-Thru Records)

I really want to tear into Home Grown. "Kings of Pop" is the worst kind of garage record by the type of band who should have grown out of this tedious mode of adolescent expression years ago. They would have to look down the back of hundreds of couches just to find a single new idea. I can't be bothered insulting them properly, I just hope that none of these tepid efforts stick in my head longer than it takes to write about them.

As I've said before, pick three pop punk bands and listen to them. Believe me, you'll have the spectrum covered. Just don't make Home Grown one of them. As they drably croon on opener 'Tomorrow', "I know right now I'll never make it." I should hope not.

The rest of this review will be filled with a report on the weather. Looks quite sunny outside, couple of clouds here and there, might rain later. Nice and warm though, getting a little sweaty now. Wind is from the east. We'll be back at ten for more news and weather, have a good evening.

Dominic Body

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