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The Bluetones - Luxembourg (Superior Quality)

To be completely honest, I know little or nothing about the Bluetones, having ignored them and most of the Britpop scene as much as possible over the past few years. As a result, I can't tell if they've always sounded this good, or it's a result of their dropping out of favour and they're now simply concerned with making good music. Whatever the reason, this is great stuff, well played and upbeat, threaded with a Beach Boys influence. It shows none of the hackneyed pastiche and smug irony of Britpop.

It's an inconsequential thing that's not going to set the world alight, and it's completely unoriginal (have a listen to 'Liquid lips' and try not to think of Primal Scream's 'Get your rocks off'), but stick this on the stereo when you're at the beach and the sun is splitting the heavens, you won't regret it. Perfect disposable summer sounds.

Donnacha DeLong

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