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Bracket - When all else fails (Fat Wreck)

Like any other musical genre pop punk is brimming with countless acts churning out albums for the interested party to purchase and bring home and spin in his stereo. And like any other musical genre pop punk has its amazing bands, and it's shit bands. Bracket, dear reader, come into the former, and it beats the hell outta me why they aren't as huge as Green Day or Blink 182. I mean, they deserve to be!

Hailing from a sleepy place in the US called Forestville, (the title of their debut, by the way) this quartet produce some of the catchiest, feel-good tunes you're ever likely to hear. And 'When all else fails', album #5, doesn't fail to deliver, boasting perhaps one of the longest song titles in history with 'Everyone is telling me I'll never win, if I fall in love with a girl from Marin'.

Unfortunately, Bracket will forever be known as a band's band - they will always be name-dropped in interviews and the like by fellow musicians (Fat Mike from Punk legends NOFX plays guitar on 'No Brainer' - see what I mean?!), yet will remain mostly ignored by the record buying public - a damn shame, really. So if you're either new to the scene or merely looking for the 'next' Blink 182 or Green Day you could do a lot worse than check these guys out.

Ken McBlek

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