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Bad Religion - The new America (Atlantic)

Bad Religion return with another album to add to their vast back catalogue, only this time IT'S A GOOD ONE!! Yes, y'see, their last couple weren't up to scratch, any BR fan will tell you that, and me thinks that the once rock-solid BR fan base were now fobbing Greg Graffin's political Punkers off. After such classic albums like "No Control", "Against The Grain" (my fave) and their last great album "Stranger Than Fiction" the next two were… bland, to say the least. Some put it down to losing long-time guitarist/writer Mr. Brett Gurewitz, and I would have to agree, for the next two releases "The grey race" and particularly "No substance" were disappointing, it has to be said. Still, I like BR and have stuck with them thru good and bad (which is more than I could say for others.)

But with "The new America" they seemed to have found their old drive and released a cracker of an album, producing some classic songs in the making - the title track should be the US number 1 single if there's any justice in this world. And 'A streetkid named desire' is worth the price of the CD alone, a powerful story of rising up to beat one's situation, finding self-confidence and taking the world on its own terms. There is much here to celebrate for the long-time BR fan. A return to form, and no mistake.

Ken McBlek

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