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Green Day - Warning (Reprise)

Green Day's new album "Warning" has been met with scepticism and doubt by long-time fans, who can't get their heads around the softer, more acoustic sound of their once brat-punk heroes. And while it is certainly no "Dookie", the album that brought them to the attention of the world, it is definitely immediate, catchy, and, it must be said, refreshing, and I welcome the new sound.

Kicking off with the title track itself, the first thing you'll notice is the brilliant production, courtesy of the band themselves, crisp, clear - no Punk album sounds like this! And therefore lies the conundrum, while you listen and tap your foot and hum along you can't help but wonder - is this a Punk Rock album?

No, it's not. It's US college radio Rock, it's Nirvana, Queen, Pumpkins, it's Green Day, only a more mature, grown-up Green Day. The Brat has been given responsibilities and has risen to the challenge; one listen of the truly bizarre 'Misery' will bear witness to that. But they can still belt 'em out like the good ole days, with 'Church on Sunday', 'Deadbeat Holiday' 'Castaway' and first single 'Minority' proved.

It's hard to say if die-hard Green Day fans will abandon their snot-nosed heroes over this album, but I doubt if the band will give a damn either way. "Warning" is a classic that will surprise non-fans and prove the begrudgers wrong. Just watch.

Ken Blackmore

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