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Sander Kleinenberg, Cream @ The Kitchen, Dublin, Saturday, March 11 2000

Sander Kleinenberg has just signed to ffrr in a deal reputed to be worth Stg£100,000 for an album and three singles. If it's as bad as his DJ skills they're going to lose a lot of money. Kleinenberg's trance/house set showed little imagination, and his BPM changes were so unexpected and so out of pace in relation to the previous track that they often brought the place to a standing stop. Two minutes later he'd have you going again but at this level you expect far better. Without a doubt he's more bedroom DJ than superstar DJ. Hopefully his production skills display a more refined touch.

The only time he showed any continuity was in his 20-minute encore, when at last he focused on continuity and the mix showed some resemblance to the tune that had gone before and the BPM counter didn't veer too radically in either direction. Seb Fontaine may have slowed the downturn in Liverpool, but if Cream wants to burgeon a waning international reputation, they're going to have to do a lot better than this.

Neil Callanan

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