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New Model Army, The Palladium, Cologne, Germany, 22nd & 23rd December 2000

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These are two nights that only death or senility will pry from my mind's eye! New Model Army treated a throng of loving fans to two sets of songs spanning their illustrious two-decade career at The Palladium. A true treat for any NMA freak, and a hell of a way to end the Millennium!

Justin, Nelson, Michael, Dean and Dave were joined by harmonica player, Mark Feltham, on the first evening to maneuver their way through history with such classics as 'Notice me', 'Ballad', 'Higher Wall', 'Waiting', '51st State', and 'White coats'. Rounding off the night with a smashing rendition of 'Vengeance', they left the crowd with no option but to stay warm somewhere in Cologne and hang in for round two!

Violinist Ed Alleyne-Johnson was onboard for the second night, taking part in a plot to drive the performance to a climax of epic proportions with 'Vagabonds' and 'Green & grey'. Personal highlights also included '225', 'Family', 'Vanity', and 'Inheritance'.

Though an occasion for nostalgia and a richtig gut shot of youthful energy, Justin & and the gang had plenty of new material in the mix, proof that they aren't going anywhere! So rare in a "world of tribute bands" and other meaningless distractions.

Text and photos by Casey Campbell

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