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Turn plus guests, Whelan's, Dublin, 24th October 2002

The word on the street before this gig was that the very special, unannounced guests were going to be Idlewild. The plan was they'd do an acoustic set as a sort of warm-up before supporting Coldplay in the Point on the Friday. That was what was supposed to happen anyway. Instead we got Delarencos, an uninspiring young four-piece from Dublin and a Bell-X1 acoustic set. Now I've never been a big Bell-X1 fan, in fact, I find them pretty boring. Tonight's set, however, was okay. If it had been a full electric show, it would have been better, but even stripped down to their core, the songs were still there, struggling to get my attention. Who knows, maybe the new album will be worth buying!

Now to Turn, with a new album in the works, a growing following and an upcoming extensive tour of the country supporting The Frames things appear to be on the up for the boys from Kells. That is unless you're of a suspicious nature. You see members of Idlewild were spotted in the crowd during Turn's set and let's not forget that Idlewild recently parted company with their bassist. Anybody else wondering why they didn't play tonight? Maybe it's just me speculating, but if this was Turn's last ever gig with Gavin on bass, it sure was a mighty good one*.

Turn have always been great live and tonight was no exception. Ollie Cole was on fire for the entire set tearing through such modern classics as 'In Position', 'Beeswax', 'Summer Song', 'Another year over' and the ever fantastic 'Queen of my heart'. The crowd response to the two almighty singles 'Beretta' and 'Too much make-up' was unreal. Both songs were huge, guitar-led sing-along anthems, raging though the tiny confines of Whelan's. We were also treated to a few new songs and, while they are unfamiliar now, they sound like they could quickly become firm favourites. What's next for Turn? I'm really don't know, but I think fans of the band should keep an eye on their message board very closely over the next few days.

Ken McGrath.

* Official statement from Turn: Gavin has not left Turn to join Idlewild.

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