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Aslan, Savoy, Cork, December, 19th December

Reviewing Aslan is almost impossible because it's difficult to praise them enough. But, for me, they were unbelievable and lived up to my wildest expectations. From the moment they walked on stage to when they walked off, they thrilled the audience. This gig turned out to be more of one hell of a sing-song than a concert. Aslan took to the stage with ease, thrilling the fans with opening of 'Hurt sometimes'.

During the performance, Christy paused to explain a meaning of a song, which would make it extra special to us the crowd. 'Crazy World' - the room just lit up with delight and awe. Seeing Aslan live was a dream come true and there was much delight at the sight of Christy and co. Aslan sang songs from the "Waiting For This Madness To End" album, including 'She's so beautiful', 'Love is all you need' and my own favourite 'Different Man'. The band gave it their all and the audience went berserk, which just turned the Savoy electric.

Throughout, the songs were legendary and everyone was welcomed to join in. Watching Christy doing his actions on stage to the songs was quite astounding, as I hadn't seen this done before. When everything was done and dusted, Aslan came out for a three-song encore, which featured 'This is', 'Angie' and Chains', but still we wanted more. But, no, they wouldn't come out and fans took over with their own encore.

The Finglas 5 are the most down to earth band I've seen in a long time, and at long last the British public are going be thrilled by a real band, with their relaunch in the UK in 2003. This gig meant everything to me, because it was my first Aslan gig though I've been a fan with years. They didn't fail to amaze me or the packed audience at the Savoy Theatre, a top class venue for a top class band.

After this gig, the Finglas 5 should be made honorary Cork-men. I won't forget this offering in a very long time.

PJ Ahern.

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