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Distorted: Parents and closest family are our biggest critics
Gareth Davies, bass guitarist and vocalist with Wales' Funeral for a Friend, discusses the fickleness of fame, why they spend so much time in the States and the support they get from their families.

Distorted: Destruction and chaos are never far behind
San Diego native, The Locust's vocalist and guitarist, Bobby Bray, explains how the band records the mayhem that is their sound and tackles the accusations of selling out head on.

Distorted: Rocking like a son of a bitch
Within guitarist Paul 'Bunny' Lonergan talks to Distorted about getting attention when you're based in rural Ireland.

Distorted: Below the calm surface
Mike Barr, Throat's drummer and resident spokesperson, tells all about the Stateside tour with Clutch.

Not sleeping 'til it's over
Ben Carrigan, drummer with Blackrock boys The Thrills, who recently shot to fame with their debut album "So much for the city", talks about San Diego, sudden fame and the band's so-called "sunshine sound".

Sharp dressed men
Interpol's Daniel Kessler discusses their busy schedule, the acclaim their album has received and his plans for the future.

Carrying on with the party
Michael McKeegan and Martin McCarrick of Therapy?, who are in the middle of a comeback without ever really going away, discuss the revitalised band, their new album and drummer and their wild reputation.

Considering busking
One of East Cork's newest and youngest rock bands, Crowded Elevator, take a break from rehearsing to talk about starting out and their debut CD.

Zen and the art of making music
Irish emigrant Mark Geary discusses his apprenticeship on New York's mean streets, competing for an audience with a homeless man, and the reaction he received when he returned to Dublin.

Beach parties and barbeques and rock music
As The Sleepy Jackson hit Ireland, Luke Steele discusses the departures from the band since their last interview, the progress on their upcoming debut album and the problem with Australian audiences.

New faces
New Cork band, Commizerate, are starting out in the biz with some songs, some dreams and a lot of raw energy and eager to tell everyone about themselves.

Euro winner (almost)
Just before the Eurovision Contest, in which he came 11th, Ireland's entrant Mickey Harte discussed his success in winning You're a Star, his massive number one single and the problems his success has brought.

People's generosity
Simon Casey discusses his life before and after You're a Star and his runaway success in Ireland.

Making a million
Michael Leonard, You're a Star runner up, discusses his plans for the future and his disappointments along the way.

Feeling twitchy
Feeder's Grant and Taka discuss recovering from the death of their drummer, his replacement and their nerves before their Irish gig, which opened their tour.

Meeting the kids
Joel Madden and Billy Martin of Good Charlotte discusses the massive success of their album, their commitment to their fans and the dark side they plan to reveal more of.

A new force awakens
Luke Steele of antipodeans The Sleepy Jackson explains why they're not happy being stuck in a specific genre.

Distorted: Some welcome
Raging Speedhorn's vocalist Frank Regan and guitarist Gareth Smith were tired, pissed off, but raring to go, as they met Ken McGrath before playing their most recent Dublin gig.

Distorted: Feeding the starved
Marco Aro and Per Moller Jensen of The Haunted discuss their extensive tour, their contribution to the extreme metal revival, their touring plans, but remain cryptic about what the title of their latest album means.

Distorted: Not so prickly
Steve Wilson of The Porcupine Tree tries to shake off the "prog rock" tag while explaining how the band works and the problems they have getting covered.

Sordid: As long as it's electronic
Stefan Groth, Mr Apoptygma Berzerk himself, discusses their success, his latest work, the electroclash scene and the abuse he has received.

Sordid: Becoming a little more scary
Chaos Engine's Lee discusses the duality contained within the band and the Wasp Factory label and the controversy caused by one song on their latest album.

Sordid: Cross-pollinating the scene
Frank Drake, of Greenhaus and Flag Promotions, discusses his plans for the scene, technical hiccups and their forthcoming album.

Still only boys
Joe Morgan of Inme explains how they are finding it hard to believe their major success isn't a dream.

The show must go on
Ollie Cole speaks of how Turn are determined not to let the loss of their bassist to Idlewild get in the way of their rising popularity.

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