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Question and answer session with Cyclefly

Cork band, Cyclefly, described by NME as a cross between Jane's Addiction and the Smashing Pumpkins (and I would add Placebo into the melting pot) gigged around Dublin, following a successful tour of the states and the UK. Red dreaded lead singer, Declan O'Shea spoke to us about Bowie, the Beatles and, well, Michelle Pfeiffer..

[IMAGE: Cyclefly]When was the last time you drank coke that didn't involve alcohol?
(laughs) I can't even remember - that stuff is horrible without something to throw in it isn't it.

How do you think MP3 will effect music technology in the future?
It's already effecting it. It's not a very good thing downloading music from the Internet. Record shops will probably become extinct.

What's the best city you've lived in?
(without hesitation) Paris. I lived there for two years. Saw all of the art galleries and stuff. It was really cool. I was there last year for a weekend. We haven't played in Europe yet - If we get good support we'll go.

Best venue to play in?
The Mean Fiddler in Dublin. It looks really good and there's a great sound system.

Best gig you've been to?
Bowie in The Point, when Morrissey was supporting. He played a load of stuff off "Hunky Dory" (one of band's favourite albums) He was really cool. He's still got it. Otherwise, Nine Inch Nails at Brixton Academy or Iggy Pop in Chicago, he was mad. There isn't much on in Cork at the moment though there has been good gigs in the Opera house, including Portishead.

Favourite tipple?

Who would play your mother in your biopic?
Hmmm, Brenda Fricker, she's a brilliant actress. Or Michelle Pfeiffer.

Marilyn Manson - serious muso or commercial loser?
A bit of both. Some of his stuff's very good but there's a lot of hype as well.

Is dance the future of music?
Dance was massive but its dying down a lot. It's only really coming into the US now. The likes of Massive Attack are still brilliant though. I think there will be an amalgamation between dance and other musical styles. Its difficult for musicians to come up with something new.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
The Beatles definitely. They're more imaginative. Abbey Road was brilliant. They started off doing normal pop and ended up as major ground breakers.

Best invention?

Worst invention?

Who would you like to be stranded in Leitrim with?
Michelle Pfeiffer, in her cat woman suit.

Ozzfest, Punchestown Racecourse, Co. Kildare, 26th May, 2002
Will Haven, Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin, 26th November, 2001

by Anne-Louise Foley

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