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Sheep on Drugs discography

A trawl of the 'net failed to throw up a complete discography of Sheep on Drugs, so I put one together. If you spot any errors, please get in touch and I'll correct them.

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Sheep on Drugs Discography

Singles and EPs:
  • Catch 22/Drug Music (Transglobal, 1991)

  • Motorbike/Mary Jane (Transglobal, 1992)

  • Track X (Transglobal, 1992)

  • TV USA (Transglobal, 1992)

  • 15 Minutes of Fame (Island, 1993)

  • From A to H and Back (Island, 1993)

  • Let The Good Times Roll (Island, 1994)

  • Suck (Drug Squad, 1994)

  • Strapped for Cash (Drug Squad, 1995)

  • Buy from MNS Double Trouble (Invisible, 1996) - compilation of 'Suck' and 'Strapped for Cash'

  • New Cuts EP (self-funded release, 2002) - only available at shows
  • Greatest Hits (Island, 1993)

  • On Drugs (Island, 1994)

  • One For The Money (Invisible, 1997) Buy from MNS

  • Never Mind The Methadone (Invisible, 1998) - remixes Buy from MNS

  • Two for the Show (Invisible, 1998) - live Buy at MNS

Bagman (Lee Fraser):
  • Wrap (Invisible, 1998)

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