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Metal and punk in the mainstream and underground

The Reviews:
Arch Enemy - Anthems Of Rebellion
The Beautiful Mistake - EP
Browbeat - Audioviolence
Byatis - In Dark Abysses of Memory
Calm Insanity - Calm Insanity
Darkthrone - Soulside Journey
The 8th Day - Ascension
Eviscerate AD & Broken Oath - What lies ahead
Funeral For A Friend - Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation
Further Seems Forever - How to start a fire
Gluecifier - Automatic Thrill
Hard-Ons - Very Exciting
Matchbook Romance - West For Wishing
The Murder Of Rosa Luxembourg - Everyone's in love and flowers pick themselves
Mushroomhead - XIII
One Minute Silence - One Lie Fits All
Poison The Well - You Come Before You
7th Nemesis/Punishment - Chronicles of A Sickness
Spiritual Meaning - Lurker in the Dark
Bert Switzer - 1977-2002

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Ken Blackmore's best of 2003:
Agent Steel - Order of the Illuminati
Akercocke - Choronzon
Clutch - Slow hole to China
The Crown - Possessed 13
Destruction - Metal discharge
Dimmu Borgir - Death cult armageddon
E-Force - Evil forces
Exhumed - Anatomy is destiny
Goatwhore - Funeral dirge for the rotting sun
Iron Maiden - Dance of death
King Diamond - The Puppet master
Macabre - Murder metal
Morbid Angel - Heretic
Naglfar - Sheol
Nevermore - Enemies of reality
Slayer - Soundtrack to the apocalypse
Vader - Blood EP
Vital Remains - Dechristianize
Wehrwolfe - Godless we stand
Zyklon - Aeon
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Funeral for a Friend - Gareth Davies
The Locust - Bobby Bray
Within - Paul 'Bunny' Lonergan
Throat - Mike Barr

Into The Crypts:
Ken Blackmore looks back at some seminal releases:
Kreator's - Pleasure To Kill
Slayer's Reign In Blood.

Gig reviews:
My Ruin, Voodoo, Dublin, 6th December 2003
Akercocke & Sikth, Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin, 9th January 2004

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