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Single Reviews: 11th September, 2000

Sunna - OD (Melankolic)
Slight Bush undertones here, but don't be put off. 'OD' sounds fantastic. It starts out as a mellow strumming affair and attacks about half way through. This one really gets into your head. Signed to Massive Attack's label, this Bristol band will have the Sunna shining out of their arses (sorry....)

St Etienne - Heart failed in the back of a taxi (Mantra)
Moody desolate vocals over a somnolent dance beat, if this is any indication St Etienne's Sound of Water album is showing sounds of maturity.

Joseph Arthur - Chemical (Virgin)
"There's just too much time to kill between my mistakes". Sounds vocally a bit like Beck or Lou Barlow. Chemical is a pretty, spiralling tune and it's damn catchy.

Best - Huwuno (Seriously Groovy)
Oh Jesus, make it stop. This is terrible, terrible noise pollution. Only redeeming feature is the line "Your heart's gone the colour of Coca-Cola".

Maxim (featuring Skin) - Carmen Quesy (XL)
Hmmm, the alliance of Maxim and Skin. Well, it has a nice bassy "Safe from Harm" thing going on thanks to Mr M's input. But I'm not a fan of Skunk Anansie and it might as well be another one of their substandard pop songs. "Money making is a wonderful thing." Indeed.

The Drum - Horns Front (Mantra)
"You called me a name/you shouldn't do/at some point I'll lose all control".. Lyrically very weak, but mildly catchy after about five listens.

Ian Astbury - High Time Amplifier (Beggar's Banquet)
Sounds vaguely like All Seeing I's "Walk Like A Panther" with a funky, early Primal Scream, beat thrown in. A bit cheesy to be honest.

Anne-Louise Foley

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