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Single Reviews: 21st August, 2001

Lindsay Thompson- It all makes sense (Key Stone)
Oddly catchy despite the unconventional chord sequence, which does start to grate on the ears after a while. Tipped as the hottest new act to come from Birmingham (only after Big Brother old git Dean, of course), Thompson undoubtedly has a strong voice, but the songs need some work.

Super Delta Three- While you sleep (Key Stone)
This has a nice hip-hop groove with layers of funk and a good pop back drop. But ultimately, is Morcheeba by another name. The second track, 'Distain' is more edgy and worth a listen.

King of Woolworths- Stalker song (Mantra)
Cool name, it really should belong to a poppy Spearmint type band. Distorted and dark with creepy cut and paste dialogue, soon you feel like you're watching a dodgy prom queen slasher movie. However, 'Stalker Song' isn't interesting enough musically to be truly subversive.

Solomon - End of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) (Crown)
Totally unnecessary and routine cover of REM's "Document" classic. It sounds like those kids who do 'Help' on Grafton Street. At least they have the excuse of being 12. High pitched and irritating, Solomon could be the next Picture House.

Blue Monday - Perfect world
If Blue Monday were inspired by New Order, then they certainly don't sound like it. Perfect world sounds like a pre-pubescent boy band, raised on a diet of Phil Collins and Westlife. Anyone else feel queasy?

The Would Bes - Some other planet
Nice idea, chicks leading indie bands is invariably a good thing (Cardigans, The Audience, Garbage, Catatonia, need I go on?). However, Some Other Planet must surely be awarded "Most Irritating Song of the Month". Note to aspiring songwriters: It's not a good idea to use the word "Never" about 3,000 in under four minutes. It's a shame really - we could do with more indie pop in these parts.

The Crayonz- Falling out
Not to be confused with The Crayons, who had that lovely 'My last rollo' song. This is dullsville, all rock by numbers with very colourless results.

Anne-Louise Foley

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