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Single Reviews: Special feature
Icon Series #1
Phat Company, AKA John Taylor and Arif Salih, follow God Made Me Hardcore records in bringing a bit of punk rock into the nu-electro scene with the first in a series of vinyl 7" releases, distributed independently and limited to 500 copies. Each will pay tribute to a different icon, the first, on lovely blue vinyl, is dedicated to Mr Punk Rock himself, Sid Vicious. The A side, 'Playtron' is a light, bleepy affair built around a vocal sample from Ladytron's 'Playgirl', with a nicely varied sound contrasting with the often monotone sound of other acts in the scene. The AA side, on the other hand, is a tasty bass-heavy piece closer to Felix da Housecat's stuff. Recommended, contact Phat Company for your own copy before they all run out -
Donnacha DeLong.

Single Reviews: 13th August, 2002

Milk Inc. - In my eyes (All around the world)
More poundingly predictable electronic dance music for the jaded listener (me). Tracks like these are like Julia Roberts movies - there are way too many of them and people only remember the good ones. This one in particular is more like "My Best Friend's Wedding" than "Pretty Woman", not that I've seen either of them - you can't prove anything!

Slow Poisoners - Sun sessions EP
This seems to have the slow southern groove of Cream coupled with the olde balladeering of Yes or those other second division prog. bands, although I can't quite pin down what it reminds me of. Quite addictive all the same, especially as it's so precisely played. The only real problem is the presence of a slightly off-putting country twang. Promising and effective.

Sinead O'Connor - TROY (the phoenix from the flames) (devolution)
It's just a pity here that Sinead O'Connor's expressive voice is pitted against some truly awful electronica that a blind beggar could see coming a mile off. If she doesn't have more to give than this then I, for one, am sorely disappointed. When will people learn? Remixes just don't work.

Oakenfold - Starry eyed surprise (Perfecto)
Oh, here we go. Do I really have to listen to this repugnant piece of horseshit? It says something about Mister Oakenfold's judgement that he chose Crazy Town's 'Shifty' to ruin his already more than adequately ruined "beats". Another triumph for two perfectly matched hacks working at the arse ends of their respective genres. Thank you God.

Throat - Sonny's hired killer (Riverman Records)
Could this be something different? Something interesting? Shit, I'm as surprised as you are. Nicely warm guitars, pendulous bass sounds and distinctly Irish vocals - this is a neat little package. You know what they say about neat little packages? No, neither do I, but at least you're confused now. I think the shock of a decent single broke my mind.

Dominic Body

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