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The Ministry on Myspace:

The Ministry of Agröculture (formerly known as the Department of Agröculture) was formed by the organisers of popular alternative nights in Dublin over the last few years. Having organised gigs by the electro-punk legends Sheep on Drugs to Dublin and top gothic act the Crüxshadows, the Department became the Ministry - a more loosely based collective of promoters and DJs who join forces under the influence of alcohol to lure unwitting bands into playing in Dublin.

The Ministry aims to bring quality acts/events to Dublin's alternative live scene and with a number of future events in the works, you'd better watch this space...

The permanent appointees of the Ministry of Agröculture are:

the Minister for Acquisitions -
Fi K


the Minister for Propaganda -
Girl (London-based ambassador and DJ [some old setlists here]).

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