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Album Cover Various Artists - This is the ALF (Jungle Records)

This could have been a best of the best punk compilation. The CD contains some of the greatest punk bands ever, Conflict, Crass, Flux of Pink Indians, Subhumans, etc. Though it doesn't contain much material that seasoned punks won't already have, it's an excellent intro for newcomers.

From the rawness of Crass to the bouncing of Citizen Fish, it illustrates the coloured spectrum of British punk.

The Poison Girls' atypical style shows there's more to this kind of music than screaming and playing guitar fast and hard. Their song, 'the Offending Article' connects patriarchal oppression of women to animal abuse in an interesting and reasonable way. But, as your mind opens to this new concept, one's enlightenment is interrupted by the threat of castration if men don't cop on. Men! Release the rabbits while you still can!

Typical conflict songs are scattered throughout, with classic veggie-punk songs like 'Meat Means Murder' and 'Tough Shit Mickey'.

The job of pulling non-punk punters is left to Chumbawamba; 'Uni-lever' is great pop-punk that thankfully lacks the subtlety of their recent music.

A 24-page booklet comes with the CD. It has pictures of vivisected and mutilated animals that would turn a dog's stomach. The last picture, however, is one of a matador with a bull's horn up his arse. The caption under it read, "Always look on the bright side of life". Amen to that.

by Uisce

Editor's Note: This is simply a review of a CD of music, and in no way reflects the opinion of Sorted magAZine for the Animal Liberation Front. Make up your own mind about that.