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Album Cover Ana Voog - anavoog.com (Radioactive)

If you haven't seen Ana Voog naked yet, you probably don't live in Minnesota. Not that Minnesotans have the monopoly on naked Ana Voog sightings-you can also swing by her website (anacam.com) and probably catch her puttering around the house in her skivvies there. Ana Voog has long haunted and dominated the spoken word and performance art stages around the Twin Cities region, and now, with the release of her first album since the breakup of her first band, The Blue Up?, she's headed towards control of the radio waves as well.

anavoog.com comes across as a mixture of early Madonna and SSQ, syrupy-sweet vocals patched into a techno background of keyboards and drum synthesizers (courtesy of ex-Prince and the Revolution Dr. Fink) in songs about sex, the power of multimedia, and zoo animals. Claiming Yoko Ono as a major influence for her work (the album contains a cover of Ono's "Ask the Dragon"), Voog's lyrics range from starkly photographic imagery to nonsense word games and rhymes. Open to a multitude of interpretations, each song has enough layers of meaning to keep the listener interested in doing more than just humming along with half-remembered tunes in the elevator.

by Holly Day

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