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Various Artists - Apokalypsis Explicata: Multimood Records Ten Years Anniversary (Multimood Records)

This is a trance/ambient compilation disc featuring some of the true masters in the field. Vidna Obmana brings his trademark big, hollow, empty desert-about-to-get-flooded-by-a-rainstorm sound to this (I can't ever play Obmana at my parents' house because their dog starts seriously freaking out), while Oblivion Ensemble presents more of the caustic, dissonant mess of reverb and weird samples that they're famous for. Oblivion Ensemble is the band most likely to compose a fitting soundtrack for the end of the world.

Other participants in this project are Robert Rich, Ashley, and Mark Kirschenmann, to name but a few, (there are 20 artists in all on the disc, each contributing one track). If you want to get a good feel of what's going on in the world of experimental/ambient music right now, this is a good place to start.

by Holly Day