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Album Cover Bert - Big Box Schwing (Chicken Ranch)

The Bert CD waltzed into my office, clad in a yellow plastic container and sporting a saucy picture of a female deer with its face blown off by a large caliber rifle. Ah, but it doesn't stop there-more pictures of animal heads line the inside jacket of the disc, lovingly displayed in the back of a pickup truck, large brown eyes glazed and flat. The music on this disc is pure Austin punk, reminiscent of The Outsiders and other Angry Southern Youth, superbly recorded by the legendary Steve Albini. The titles on this disc make this album almost worth picking up just to have lying around for your mother to find: "Hot Sex & Strychnine" is great, as is "Warm Smell of Colitas"-I don't know what it means but it sure sounds dirty.

by Holly Day

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