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Buffy Sante-Marie - Fire & Fleet & Candelight (Vanguard Records)

The interesting thing about receiving and listening to a lot of these re-releases is seeing the different paths that the "alternative" scene has taken, from the folk music of the fifties to the hippie scene of the sixties to the punk scene of the seventies and eighties to whatever the hell it is we have now. Basically, it seems to have been moving more and more away from political awareness and a search for social change to become some strange beast involving self-mutilation and total apathy.

Okay, I finally said it and now it's out of my system. Anyway, Buffy Sante-Marie is probably best remembered for her performance at Woodstock, where she made a name for herself as being both an amazing singer, a songwriter, a musician, one of the few women performing solo, and one of the only Native Americans performing on stage.

The best part of this disc, however, is hearing Sante-Marie playing the Jew's harp and faking a Southern/hillbilly accent in her tribute to redneck culture "Doggett's Gap." It's so tongue-in-cheek and risky, for the times, that if she wasn't a pretty girl to boot, she'd probably have been shot for playing it in certain parts of the country.

by Holly Day.