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Album Cover Nightmares On Wax - Carboot Soul (Warp)

A Nightmares On Wax album is like an eclipse. You don't see one for years on end and when one finally appears, it's just like the last one. Stunning. "Carboot Soul" is a far cry from the bring and buy ethos of the title, its sample led, but expertly mixed into fluid, atmospheric tracks that stretch themselves out on the beach of life to enjoy the sunshine.

While everyone else is self-consciously making millennial albums full of dark chords and moody bass-lines, NoW blink, light-up, and enjoy the sunshine. "Carboot Soul" is more than chilled, more like lightly baked in noon-day sun. Ever so slightly funky and warmer than the womb "Carboot Soul" sets up its stall and then stretches itself out on the beach of life without a care in world.

by Robert Lowe.