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The Chemical Brothers - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Freestyle Dust / Virgin)

It might seem strange that a band as settled and innovative as The Chemical Brothers have decided to add a remix album to their repertoire and to the multitude already drowning the market, but here it is. Unsurprisingly, the Brothers have worked it out.

Y'see, it's not about playing to an audience exactly and it's not all about Pete Tong. It's about music and if Ed and Tom Chemical can mix the Manics and Spiritualized with slick flair and make a definitive slice of dance culture in the process, then so be it. Music has no rules but it helps to follow some guidelines. Cutting and splicing Meat Beat Manifesto alongside the aforementioned indie demi-gods certainly seems very left-of-field but the mix is lucid and the result a joy to behold. Two world-class electronic artists resorting to a mix-album like this is a far cry from jumping on the bandwagon; it's more like a change, something new. And as usual The Chemical Brothers fit perfectly into their new role.

by Michael Gleeson
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