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Chris Knox - Yes (Flying Nun)

Ex-New Zealand punk icon Chris Knox shows that tone-deafness and lazy rock go hand-in-hand with his new (sort of) release, "Yes". Loud and noisy seems to replace the hook in all Knox's songs and even the "caustic wit" that characterises his work cannot make up for a full album of unrelenting drivel.

Puerile titles like 'The Joy Of Sex', 'The Sweaty Hide of Circumstance', and 'Ballad of a Victim of the Economic Recovery' give some indication of the musical content that pollutes this album. Raving, wandering, guitar-fuelled rubbish may have a place in the subjective world of an ageing punk-rocker, but in 1998 this kind of thing just doesn't cut it.

Honestly, it's very difficult to describe how bad this stuff is. It makes Boyzone look like talented songwriters. It makes a Lada engine sound like a songbird.

It also makes me wanna puke.

by Michael Gleeson