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Album Cover Cristian Vogal - Busca Invisibles (Tresor)

Vogel's description of his brain as a "butterfly king-prawn" might be an indication to up the dosage of his medication, but "Busca Invisibles" is far from inaccessible, which is a nice way of saying, its not as bad as you think.

Asymmetrical rhythms and jerky beats populate "Busca Invisibles" like refugees from a Black Dog album. In truth, while the tracks are undoubtedly original, this is nonetheless first cousin twice removed from Spanners.

There is madness in this methodology. The same unusual taste in up-tempo beats and stop-start melody is apparent here, however Vogel's spin is altogether less humane, pushing the tracks on and on to greater and greater heights, which again, is a nice way of saying that many of the tracks are short of oxygen by the time they get where they are going. This album is the last Tresor album Vogel will do, the question is, has Warp got a chequebook or a restraining order ready?

by Rob Lowe.