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Album Cover Superchunk - Come Pick Me Up (Merge)

With each new record, Superchunk drift further and further away from their punk anthem roots and gain much more strength as actual musicians. Another interesting thing about the evolution of Superchunk is Mac McCaughan's increasing tendency to sing like a girl. This ain't a bad thing - it's just an observation. That boy can hit registers with his wobbly, sweet voice that would make Ronny Dio envious, or my mom.
"Come Pick Me Up" also features, for the first time in Superchunk history, instrumentation reaching past the guitar/bass/drum setup, incorporating cello, violin, saxophone, trombone, and the legendary Bob "Bad Hair" Weston on trumpet into their standard mix. Despite the additional personnel, this new album is by far their most scaled-down release yet, focusing more on drifting, sophisticated harmonies than marching-band rhythms and noisy guitar. Fans of the old Superchunk may not care for these changes, but those fans may not have not grown up as much as the band has. From the first few notes of the opening track, 'So Convinced', it's obvious that this Superchunk is superbly confident with themselves and their arrangements, and are not afraid to delve into realms other than punk rock to get their message across.

by Holly Day.