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Crawling with Tarts - I Am Telephoning A Star (A.S.P.)

The trouble with music concrete compositions is that oftentimes, the sounds used in the recording are important and image invoking only to the composer and his/her immediate circle. This is most definitely the case with this disc. To an ‘untrained’ ear like my own, this sounds like just a bunch of random beeps and pauses and bells and whistles, with no consistent thread to tie the tracks together or even the songs themselves.

Nice thing about this is, my neighbor was doing some irritating construction work outside while I was playing this. Instead of it disturbing me like it usually does, I found myself listening as intently to the paint being scraped off the side of the house as I was this disc. Actually, I thought that the noise outside was part of this disc, and only discovered my mistake on replaying it later.

by Holly Day