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Various Artists - Little Darla Has a Treat for You Vol. 9 Spring 1998 (Darla Records)

The best thing about the Little Darla compilations is the way the tracks on the disc are laid out. Each successive track is completely different than the one before or after it, but not so much so that the listener is jarred out of whatever mood the previous track put him or her in.

The songs are meant to be listened to in the order they appear on the disc; listening to the tracks in random order doesn't work nearly as well as just playing the disc through. That said, the theme of this sampler is mellow and moody, with wonderful contributions from Color Filter, Push Kings, and Heartworms, to name a few.

A good many of the tracks here are worth buying the entire CD for-Poundsign's "Isolation" is definitely one of them, while Piano Magic's "Amongst the Books an Angel" is another.

by Holly Day