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DeeJay Punk Roc - ChickenEye (Independiente Ltd)

Oh, man, this is it. I want to say "rad" or "bitchin'" here but I'm afraid someone will throw something hard at my head if I do. Loaded with everything from awesome sax solos to rapid-fire video game noises to a really nice piano, this disc is the Nirvana of garage DJs, the epitome of the style that should be aspired to, reached for, and grabbed by the balls like a dying swimmer to flotsam. Favorite track here is "Far Out"-an incredible mix of scratching and auctioneer-speed rapping and lyrics that are both acerbically funny and intelligent.

The slower tracks on this remind me of what was going on in the background of the early P-Funk tracks, which is kind of cool because some of those originals were layered so thick that the final product was about as digestible as mud-the "instrumentals" here are thinned out just enough to make the grooves comfortably palatable.

The liner notes are truly strange as well, laid out like one of those cheesy cookbooks you can get from Betty Crocker for mailing in proofs of purchase, with lots of pictures of food and preparation ideas and one solitary recipe in the back-this offering is a recipe for Chicken Eye Pie, which does not sound like a very good recipe to me and is probably not something I will be serving to company any time soon.

Must be an English thang.

by Holly Day

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