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Drumatic - Reactions (Tone Casualities)

Predictably, this disc features lots of percussion. Not so predictable, however, is the excellent use of reverb and synth whistles and screams and vocal loops that make up most of the hour-long recording.

I was a little nervous when I first put it on, because it features some kind of weak spoken word bits, but they were short and actually weren't too bad. Interestingly enough, the best parts here were the live pieces. The sound quality for these pieces is amazingly good and work even better than the studio recordings.

Side note: My son has a videotape of that pig movie, "Babe", and insisted that I put it on while I was listening to Drumatic. I left the CD on and turned the TV volume way down, and we watched the movie with the sound off. Pretty spooky-kind of like that thing where you play Pink Floyd and "The Wizard of Oz" together, which I've never done but hear there are many strange coincidences. Drumatic and "Babe" come together in some pretty strange ways.

by Holly Day