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Album Cover The Electrosonics - Rampion (Drive-in)

This is one of those CDs that's been lying around in my review pile for far too long that, once I played it, I could have kicked myself in the head for having listened to so much crap when this wonderful jewel's been waiting for me all along.

The vocals are exquisite, the guitar work is expertly rendered, and the keyboards, including two Moogs, are beautifully amped and recorded (which is rare). The music itself is very mellow and slowed-paced, but in such a way that it sounds like the band is holding itself back from the edge of a cliff they desperately want to jump off of but know they shouldn't.

I can't even think of who to compare this group to. They're like tense space rock with vocals, or dreamy grunge (ugh-I hate the word, too, but sometimes it fits). From what I've been hearing lately, Vancouver (Canada) has one hell of a scene happening up there.

by Holly Day