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Fatboy Slim - You've Come A Long Way, Baby (Skint)

If you liked "Better Living Through Chemistry" then brace yourself - "You've Come A Long Way, Baby" is even better. Really, hard as it may seem, Norman "Fatboy Slim" Cook has bettered himself. And what a beautifully listenable record he's made in the process. With "Better Living ..." Cook defined Big Beat as a creditable dance genre and smashed open the doors for 101 unworthy pretenders. Here he remains inimitable by stretching the boundaries of popular taste that little bit further.

Obviously he still sounds like his old self but yet again he displays his pristine ability to do something new. The ease with which he livens a tacky old riff and adds his own crazy spin and an addictive beat is prodigious. The result: a decidedly Big Beat reworking of the best pop music of yore ... but more.

Fatboy Slim makes everything his own and, like a true perfectionist, makes every sound, every beat and every bleep count. There are no turgid gaps between the stand-out tracks on this album and not one second when Cook seems anything less than a genius. The dance world is his oyster.

by Michael Gleeson.
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