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Album Cover Fernando - Pacoima (Cravedog Records)

For a while, I couldn't decide whether I liked this so much just because it was so different from everything I've been getting in the mail to listen to, or because it was actually good. I've finally decided that, while novelty is interesting, it certainly doesn't merit listening to a disc 20 or 30 times. I've listened to this CD at least that many times and I still love it.

The entire thing is sung in Spanish, and while the music is reminiscent of some of the cheesy Mexican rock that gets blasted out of low-riding cars along Southern California roads late at night, it's recorded better and exhibits much more range, style and technique than is usually featured on top 40 south-of-the-border stations.

The songs here are passionate and sad, with some truly beautiful slide guitar work and some tasteful organ/synth backup that just works perfectly with the whole setup, while the percussion and horn sections throughout are just incredible. I don't know why I'm not hearing anything about this band, hopefully they'll get the recognition they deserve soon.

by Holly Day