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Various Artists - Fourth Flight: Velocity (Flying Rhino)

Yet another instalment in the Flying Rhino history, 'Fourth Flight' is compiled by James Monro as a gallery to exhibit the electronic talent that keeps dance music the most culturally popular movement at the turn of the millennium. "Velocity" begins with hammering trance from Sleeper with the divine 'Severe Clear' and Atmos with the cheekily-named and driving 'Bad 2 The Bone'.

Then on to some funk with Slinky Wizard's 'Hit And Run', a tribal groover that gets more pumped up the longer it goes on. Kuro's oriental techno riot is a little minimal but it works to the extent that that it races on in a funky cacophony that only the Japanese truly know how to master. And then to end on Bus's 'Bullet' ...the sweet, sugary icing on the Flying Rhino cake.

'Velocity' may be the best in the '...Flight' series, because it simply never relents in its quest to bring the best in trance and techno to the eager masses. A first rate, top class, cream-of-the-crop sampler, if ever there was one.

by Michael Gleeson.