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Album Cover Kat Parsons - Framing Caroline (Waterdog Music)

Oh, boy, imagine that every woman who's ever appeared on Ricki Lake got together to form a whiny girl band and you've got this disc. This is the dark side of feminism, the songs are all about newly-discovered empowerment, the exploration of sexual feelings (and in such a bland, Celine Dion, yuppie kind of way), How To Tell a Man Like It Is, etc., etc. The best line here, of course, is from the song 'Does She Cry': "When you kiss her/does she kiss you back/when you love her/does she cry-y-y-y (repeat ad naseum)."

Then there's the Empowerment Song, 'Framing Caroline', which fiercely defends housewife feminism as though it was something brand new. This'd be great ideology-wise if this was 20 years ago, but it ain't. Not that I'm anti-feminist (because I most certainly am a feminist, thank you), but this is the old school-stuff that got women's foot in the door, and isn't really relevant now. Okay, I've done it now, shoot me.

by Holly Day